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Project Focus
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Description of Activities
KZBM aims at improving quality of life of its beneficiaries and the community at large. In case of former, families with adjustment, health or social problems are counseled; medical appointments secured and follow-up action ensured; academic progress monitored to achieve recognizable standard; children with learning difficulties placed in appropriate schools; activities advancing knowledge or enhancing growth of children and youth is supported. In case of latter, information, entertainment or facility benefiting community is actively perused.

We were initially a charity organisation who largely gave financial assistance in our fields of focus. Recently we have become aware of doing more than just financially assisting. We wish to improve the quality of life of our beneficiaries and of the community at large. Latter is also possible because we are in a small number - 2,379 persons as in March 1999. By each field of focus, our efforts have been:

"Adopt a family" concept has been introduced and families with adjustment, health or social problems are counseled and befriended. This has given a measure of improvement in their quality of life. Outings and gifts are also arranged to bring cheer and get them out into the world.

We have doctors as volunteers who guide our beneficiaries in health matters, secure appointments with suitable medical practitioners, accompany them and guide them on follow-up action.

We monitor academic progress of all whom we assist with the view to provide guidance in achieving recognizable standard. We seek guidance from knowledgeable volunteers to correctly channel the higher education plans of those who seek our assistance. Every effort is made to identify and place children with learning difficulties in appropriate institutes or schools from among a very limited number available.

Child, Youth:
Any activity or exposure that advances knowledge or gives them opportunity for growth, talent development, education, career boost is actively supported.

Community at large:
We took the initiative to do a community census and thereafter produced separate directories of Blood Donors : Address, Telephone and e-mail : Services and Products sold, to provide service to the community. Any information, entertainment or facility that would benefit the community is shared, organized and provided respectively.

With a view to give full benefit to our youth, we commenced having workshops at a very nominal rate, enabling all to take advantage of improving themselves.

September 1994
A three-day workshop on how to manage first-aid and deal with emergencies. Leader: Mrs Marian Sheikh, State Registered Nurse from UK. 20 ladies attended.

July 1995
115 children came to make paper Cranes of Peace to commemorate the 50th year of the atomic bomb that devasted Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. They were told the story of Hiroshima and the true story of Sasaki Sadako whose statue stands today to remember all the children who died through this devastation. The cranes were sent by air to Hiroshima to join with the thousands of other tributes.

June 1996
A two-day workshop on letter-writing for 16 to 21 year olds, for personal letters of thanks, apology, congratulations and condolence. Official letters to foreign universities, applications for jobs, sales letters and business letters. Leader: Sunnu Golwalla. 33 youth attended.

October 1996
A two-day workshop to meet , listen and interact with 16 young, successful and dynamic professionals. They were an Architect & Interior Designer, CA, Engineer, Equity Analyst, Fashion Designer, Marketing Manager, Montessorian, Banker, Computer Expert, Chemist, Equity Trader, Human Resource, Lawyer, Master Mariner, Photographer and a Secretary. 72 youth attended.

April 1997
A one-day workshop called 1+1=3 was presented by Shahriar Shahriari of Vancouver and targeted to the corporate employees. 124 people attended which made it difficult to conduct the workshop ideally.

May 1997
Six sessions were arranged for understanding the Gathas with discussions led by Virasp Mehta. 22 youth under the age of 40 years took part.

August 1997
Know-your-child, a one-day workshop for young parents having children to the age of 7 years. 42 parents attended and was presented by Farishta Dinshaw.

September 1997
A similar workshop was done for parents from a low income group, speaking in Gujerati rather than in English, to help them cope with their children despite their own problems. 15 parents attended.

April 1998
A two-day workshop entitled, Vision 2000. This was by invitation to 40 ladies, some who are actively involved with KZBM, others who could be motivated to help. The programme co-ordinator was Sualeha Bhatti a professional in this field. Through this workshop many improvements have taken place and most participants are now our active volunteers.

May 1998
Trust-building aimed for the age group of 18 to 40 years held by Kermin Parakh who shared her knowledge with us after experiencing the same workshop in Bangkok. Attended by 18 young adults.

May 1998
Effective Leadership Programme, a one-day workshop, focusing on individuals becoming leaders. Presented by Sualeha Bhatti and with 22 people taking active part.

July 1998
A two-day workshop, I am Special, for children in the age group 6 to 12 years, which included making books, painting portraits, puppet making etc, and aimed especially for children with low self-esteem. The workshop leader was Farishta Dinshaw with 76 children participating.

July 1998
One-day workshop for young adults on Self Promotion Skills, on how to go about applying for jobs, handling oneself for interviews, the difference between bio-data and curriculum vitae and other useful information. Farishta Dinshaw conducted the workshop with 18 people taking part.

September 1998
21 children from all walks of life, and some with learning difficulties were invited to prepare Tomorrow's Newspaper, The Evening News, edition 11 Nov 2012, with the guidance of Farishta Dinshaw. This was successfully completed and printed.

October 1998
A workshop on learning disabilities, how to identify this and what to do about it. Targeted for parents and teachers. 59 adults attended with Diana Dinshaw presenting the topic. She is a professional in this field.

November 1998
A follow-up workshop emphasizing on Dyslexia with Diana Dinshaw. 15 committed women attended most of whom were teachers.

January 1999
To conclude these series, a workshop on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder was undertaken by Diana Dinshaw with 16 women.

January 1999
A three-day workshop on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People conducted by Abbas Husain, a professional in this field and dealing with revolutionary principals of Dr Stephen Covey. 22 individuals availed of this important workshop.

The Best of the Decade
KZBM holds a Car Rally for the first time.
Natak - Papa Panva Nikalya - Dr. Kershaw Khambatta, makes his debut on stage and captivates the audience. Since then he is the crowd puller in our community.
My Fair Lady - excerpts from the musical, done by school going children followed by traditional Parsi style sit down Ghambhar.
A tribute to Khorshed Sidhwa, a lady willing to help one and all, at any time with a natak Mah-Ke Margho.
Torans 1991
An exhibit of old Torans - more than 200 varieties.
Launching of the cookery book Manna of the Angels, with chief guest, author Bapsi Sidhwa. More that 520 people attended and had the chance to sample Parsi food. 461 books were sold on that day.
Sari 1992
80th Anniversary year: Sari Extravanganza - a show of saries through the times with a factual commentary.
Folk Exhibition of Folk Embroideries & Jewelry of Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan and Northern Areas with catalogue.
Dreams Nov 1992-Celebration of anniversary with community Sing-a-long and dinner, gratis. Cutting of a mega cake.
Non-stop musical review - Dreams, produced by Cyra Noshirwani as a fund raiser for the Prime Ministers Flood Relief Fund.
Camel Camel cart picnic to Katrak Bandstand which is at Clifton. Something no one ventures to do today.
Youth Conference held under one banner with PPCA, YMZA, ZYA - three youth organisation of our community. First time arranged since partition and very successfully.
The Unified Calendar by Dr. Jehan Bagli, who made us aware it is time to unify and do away with three calendars. And a tableau, Grandma Tell me Why? written by Farishta Dinshaw, performed by the children of the Friday School of Little Zarathostis depicting the mahs and roj.
A walk-a thon in the moonlight, incorporating a scavanger hunt and answering questions en route.
For the first time here, A Talk Show on Crime and Terror - host for the evening Jehanbux Mehta.
Manek 1996
Natak, Maneck ni Masi, written by Farishta Dinshaw, for generating funds for the proposed Senior Citizens Home and Day Care Centre for Children.
Visit of three Zarathushti professors from Tajikistan who gave a narration, with video presentation, folk dancing and music and a display of their culture.
A Classical Concert by the Sea, using CDs and state of the art equipment situated in a rocky bay, giving the atmosphere of an amphitheatre.
Paradise 1997
Paradise by Shahriar and Shervin Shahriari from Vancouver, to generate funds for Pakistan's 50th anniversary. The amount was donated to Teachers Resource Centre and Mother & Child Nest who wished to build a school for the homeless.
Bonfire 1998
Jashan-e-Sadeh celebrated in a big way for the first time. Lighting of the bonfire, with children dressed in white carrying candles, singing songs of praise. Followed by community singing and dancing.
Dream World 1999
A full day to Dreamland, a private club situated 36 kms outside Karachi, having all water related sports golf course, archery, car racing, horse riding, tennis etc. A cavalcade of six public hired buses and approx. 68 cars!
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