80 years gone by

11th November, Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal was established

3rd May, first concert staged at Goa Portuguese Hall with "Manijeh Mehta thrilling the audience with an English song. The success of the concert was due to a dazzling garbi for which talents of Vajifdar, Vakil and Sethna were commended. Mrs Virjee gives a solo performance of violin. The male members of the company were Mr Dinshaw Kabraji & Mr Darabshaw Shroff. Total income from the concert was Rs.550 which was distributed amongst the needy as desired by the Mandal's President." [from a gujerati paper]

World War 1, Mandal plays its part and it is recorded that 6000 stitched clothing was sent annually to the Sind Women's Branch.

We help our city during the influenza epidemic and famine.

Ghambar becomes an annual function. Until later years, members and beneficiaries were always invited. Jointly with YMZA, Dr Rabindranath Tagore is honoured and shawled. From December onwards, navjotes performed every year on Goolbai Mehta's death anniversary till lately, due to no one wishing this assistance. 17 families given financial assistance totaling Rs. 200 and Pateti collection & distribution starts. Delivery of a child paid. Work Classes start comprising of sewing, cutting and embroidery. Tailor employed at Rs.25 per month to teach 42 girls. School fees given to 1 student of BVS and 7 of Mama School, which is still continued.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Golden Jubilee Celebrations
at the New Building (1962)

Picnics for members at Malir & Clifton start.

Mandal receives Silver Medal for sewing, cutting and embroidery displayed at an exhibition held in the city.

First sub-committee formed for Poor Welfare when the need arose. Provision for this in the constitution from inception.

Mr Jehangir Mobed donates the proceeds of a cinema show and continued this for years.

KZBM takes part in flower show and wins 4th prize in table decoration. Mrs Manijeh Mehta honoured by us, on being appointed a Magistrate.

Aspy Irani's first solo flight
Arrival of Mr Aspy Irani (Engineer) at Karachi after his memorable flight (1930)

Managing Committee felicitate and congratulate Mr Aspy Irani on his first solo flight from London.

1933 & 1935
Donates Rs. 51 to Bihar Earthquake Fund and Rs. 101 to Quetta Earthquake Zarthosti Relief Funds with prayers for the departed souls.

Mandal celebrates Dr Dhalla's Golden Jubilee and his Silver Jubilee to 'Dasturpad'.

Jamshed Nusserwanji starts Central Education Fund and Mandal contributes Rs. 40 per year.

Mandal celebrates Silver Jubliee by holding Sports, Cooking Competition, Jashan, 'Comi Melavedo' and a lunch.

War Work Class with Sind Joint War Committee as contribution during war. 1,853 knitted articles sent.

A new era for the World & for the Mandal. Alan Billimoria becomes Hon. Treasurer and with her come new ideas. For 46 years she has made the Mandal flourish with her dedication.

Mandal holds a condolence meeting for Quaid-e-Azam.

Functions are held for Eleanor Roosevelt with us taking active part. Decorated camels are brought to the reception at the airport. Condolence meeting for the death of Nar Asho Jamshed Nusserwanji. Mandal celebrates its Ruby Anniversary by Jashan, games evening, concert and a mela.
H J Rustomji Parsi Home
H J Rustomji Parsi Home

Peshotan Wania starts with our help, New Year functions at Beach Luxury Hotel under the auspices of Dinshaw Avari. Later date PNYCC is formed. KZBM honours Begum Liaquat Ali Khan on her appointment as Ambassador to Holland.


Specific committees are formed as they still stand today.


Dr Holland visits Karachi and we arrange for 43 hamdins to have eye check-ups. Mandal honours her Hon. Secretary, Goola D. Kabraji for her service of 33 years. A blood grouping scheme is organised. KZBM honours & celebrates the Golden Anniversary of Dr Kaikhushro D. Contractor.

Full year celebrations for the Golden Jubilee, comprising of musical evenings, games, plays, talks, tableaus, picnics, conferences & finally coming to our present building in 1962. Whole community joined in celebrating this Jubilee as their very own happy occasion.

Indo-Pak War work carried out by a special committee of Mandal's, where the community joined in whole heartedly by way of cash & kind. Gift packages of essential items made. Knitted pullovers, scarves, stockings, stitched pyjamas, shirts & quilts and old clothes were sent. Approx 2,996 items of stitched & knitted articles, 214 utensils and 150 mattresses with Rs. 836 in cash was sent.


Celebration of Emerald Anniversary by way of Jashan, comedy skits, cultural show and the beginning of a scheme for Group Insurance for our beneficiaries.

Our youth are sent abroad for higher studies.

A month of seminars & symposia under the leadership of KZBM.

Mandal celebrates its Diamond Jubilee by a Jashan, comedy skits & songs, talent show of 1 act plays. The Diamond Jubilee Higher Education Loan Scholarship Fund established to enable our youth to study abroad.

Flood calamity in Pakistan and we send 300 tins of cooking oil, blankets, food parcels to the Directorate of Social Welfare, Sind. Mandal honours Aloomai M. Dinshaw, our outstanding President.

A symposium held jointly with the Dhalla Memorial Institute on the occasion of Quaid-e-Azam's centennial celebrations.

Mandal honours Freny D. Daruwalla, our Linen Secretary for 42 years.

A special function to thank all our Honorary Doctors, Advisors, Auditors & Individuals who have helped us these past years.

Mandal celebrates Platinum Jubilee by songs, garbi and a skit.

We felicitate our out-going President, Mucca R. Cowasjee and welcome Mehra C. Minwalla. Mandal introduces Kershaw Khambatta, our much loved doctor, as an actor.

We join all Parsi Institutions in thanking and congratulating Khorshedbanoo H. Dinshaw on her 100th Birthday. Mandal changes from Gujerati to English. We honour Khorshed J. Sidhwa for her services to the Community.

Mandal publishes its own cookery book 'Manna of the Angels' and its monthly bulletin 'What's On'.

We thank our Hon. Auditor, Mr M.B. Mana for his services to us for 30 years, together with other Associations. Young female athlete sent to Los Angeles to participate in the 4th Zoroastrian Olympic Games.

KZBM Members Visit Iran
KZBM Members visit Iran

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