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KZBM launched into the publication world to keep in sync with the 20th century. The following were done with the view to assist our community in Pakistan which we have achieved successfully.

Manna of the Angels
In June 1991 KZBM printed the first ever 'coffee table' Parsi cookery book, Manna of the Angels. Two editions were printed of a 1000 copies each and the proceeds were deposited in a new fund named the Alan R Bilimoria Fund, interest to be used for any requirement. Six Libraries of Congress in the United States hold a copy of our cookery book.

What's On
On the occasion of KZBM's 80th anniversary, 12th November 1991, the first issue of the What's On was published, becoming a monthly newsletter. It is sent to all members of KZBM and to many Zarathushti Associations all over the world; as well as to editiors of Parsiana, FEZANA Journal and Hamazor magazines.

Both these publications became KZBMs flag ship, making us known throughout the Zarathushti world. A copy of the Manna was presented to Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, on her recent trip to Karachi in October 1997.

Zarathushti Census
April 1995, a nationwide Zarathushti Census was undertaken and achieved, being the first complete one. Thereafter a booklet was published collating the data from the census forms in September 1995. The total number of Zarathushtis registered in Pakistan were 2,831 persons. One can safely deduct at least a 100 people, as many of these are studying/working abroad and have been included.

A&T Directory
March 1996, the first A & T directory was published of the entire community residing in Pakistan.
March 1997, a second edition of the A & T directory was printed, as the previous one was by now out of date due to change of addresses in Karachi and individuals emigrating.
March 1998, an addendum to the exisiting 1997 edition of the A & T directory was printed and sent to all our members, gratis.
March 1999, updated A & T Directory with a difference including ex- Karachiites who have email addresses and now living abroad. Available against donations of Rs 200.

Blood Directory
September 1997, a blood directory was published, listing the donors both locality wise and blood group wise. A separate section listing all the names who gave their blood groups but not donors, for easy use.

Services Directory
May 1998, A Services Directory was made available, listing small and large entrepreneurs of our community.

Evening News
September 1998, The Evening News, a project undertaken by 21 selected children, coming from all walks of life with a few having learning disabilities. Imagination was called for to envisage the future 14 years ahead, when KZBM would be celebrating it's centenary. This was distributed to all our members.
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No. 156,587
Sunday November 11, 2012
Moon M 10

Anushka Rustomjee
Arish Daruwalla
Aurush Patel
Aurzain Patel
Ava Master
Azdin Virjee
Farah Nowsherwani
Farhad Irani
Fareeza Doctor
Fram Shroff
Hilla Daruwalla
Kayzad Giara
Mohsin Khan
Narius Irani
Sanaya Jamshedji
Sheroy Virjee
Sohrab Ankleseria
Spencer Karanjia
Vineta Dastoor
Xerxes Karanjia
Zarrah Birdie
King Nawab sends congratulatory message

KZBM Celebrates Centenary
Today Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal (KZBM) celebrates its 100th anniversary. The Government of Pakistan has kindly made a stamp. The President of KZBM Fareeza Doctor is going to do the opening ceremony of America Zarthosti Banu Mandal (AZBM). The Vice-President of KZBM Narius Irani will interview Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton on the occasion. To mark this special event, the President of KZBM and AZBM is also going to do the opening ceremony of a floating hotel in the Arabian Sea namely Doctor Hotel and Towers. Tree Planting Ceremony
FILE FOTO: The tree planting ceremony at KZBM's 80th anniversary in 1992.

Sands of Time
November 2002. History of KZBM along with brief histories of all Zarathushti associations in Karachi. It also provides a photo-journey through 200 pictures. The book has been published because the lingua franca of the Mandal was Gujarati till 1990, creating a need to preserve for posterity the work done by the association in a more widely read language - English.
News Inside

News Inside
King NawabKing Nawab Sharif Bans All Cartoons
by our political correspondent

Karachi: Naawab Sharif the King decided to an all cartoons as he claims that his eighteenth child Baap Sharif tried to kill him with a knife as he had seen this on a cartoon The Bald and the Ugly. In the cartoon, Bald had tried to kill Ugly with a knife. As a punishment King Nawab Sharif put Baap Sharif into a nuclear reactor where he died in 20 seconds.

Good NewsGood News for the Day

The poor people can take two medicines and cure themselves.

There is a liberary for children to read books which is 40 feet high.


An alien cook can make special baked cheese with salted potater with sweet onions and lots of other new special kind of dishes which are mor delicious than the the other which humans can make.

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World News
Antilope Man
The antilope man with
some of his gang
Antilope Deer Robber Escapes from Jail

Last night, antilope deer escaped from jail. Earlier this year he was arrested by Universe police for robbing Malvina (the ship). The ship called Malvina was to deliver a cargo of gold to England. When the antilope deer robber heard this he set sail with his gang of diver robbers to find the gold. It took them 100,000 years to find the gold. The antilope deer was thrilled but soon the Universe police cought him.

Legend says that all the antilopes came and rescued him from jail and not a bar was broken. The jailer says, “I don’t know, all I was doing was giving the prisoner food when I heard a herd of antilopes. They seem to have put me to sleep. All this happened at 90 o’clock. When I woke up the antilope man had gone. People told me that antilopes had helped him.”

Police are investigating the escape.
Celebrity Interview
William Tells . . .
In an exclusive interview with the Evening News,
“the king of hearts” talks about the love and life.

EN: How do you feel being a King of England?
KW: I feel at the top of the world, but with wealth you cannot but health.

EN: Would you like to conquer the world?
KW: No. I don’t feel like that. I want peace.

EN: How do you feel about your brother Harry being a beggar?
KW: I do have sympathy for him as a brother, but it was his fault as he interfered with politics at a young age.

EN: How do you plan to stop AIDS in your country?
KW: I am very eager to stop AIDS in my country. I can do that as I have many famous and intelligent doctors in my country.
  EN: How many planets have you visited? Which one was your favourite planet?
KW: I have visited all nine planets, but the best one was Mars because there are all computerised vehicles, malls, houses there. I enjoyed visiting it.

EN: We have heard a rumour about you and the famous model of the world Sanaya Jamshedji. Is is true?
KW: She is a cool girl, charming, sexy, A-grade model. She is just the right age for me. I will be delighted if she will be my wife.
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Young Reporters
FILE FOTO: Photograph of our present reporters, taken in their youth in 1998.
At that time they were selected to do a special workshop
I am filled with nostalgia today as I read about KZBM’s centenary celebration. I was associated with KZBM when it was not so old and venerable, nor so widely spread across the globe. The America chapter will be its fourth branch after successful ones in Canada, Australia and Britain.

KZBM has come a long way in the twenty-first century. I remember the time when the four-storey high Book Society just started in the annexe of the Manijeh Mehta Hall, the present Manijeh Mehta Museum and Art Gallery. At that time only women were allowed to become members of KZBM, and I remember the riots that took place when men demanded their rights to join. If my memory serves me correctly, Cyrus Cowasjee, the husband of the then President Toxy Cowasjee, had even chained himself to the door in protest.

The management and staff of Evening News wish KZBM more glory in the future. Their achievement is truly to be commended in the face of the mayhem being created by robots (also called robbets) and antilope deer robbers. The Evening News urges its readers to practise restraint in dealing with these criminal elements and to co-operate fully with the Universal Police in their investigation.

One final note — Evening News will be sponsoring a Space Titanic quiz on Universal Peace Day. The first prize is two round-the-galaxy tickets courtesy Travel Corp. Keep a look out for more information.

Note: The Editor has done her utmost to ensure that spelling and language remain as the reporters had written it. However, some items have been edited for brevity or clarity.
Robbet Kills 800

Last night, robbet killed eight hundred people. A robbet destroyed all the ships and factories made by poor people. The police have warned the robbet’s master who is controlling the robbet. The outside robbet told the him the police are coming so he ran out of the back door. The police took their fingerprints and caught one of his friends who was also a robbet.


• A Qualified Professor to research on planets
• Salary will be 2000 m.m (Moon Money)
• 20 years experience in a top science lab necessary
Contact Professor Zarrah at Eco-science Lab
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Farad Irani declared World Champion

Pakistan has now won the cricket World Cup title for the third time. The world champion who led them to victory this year is the young Parsi Farad Irani who played splendidly in the whole series. He is the only player to have scoed seven centuries and two half-centuries in any World Cup so far. In bowling he took 200 wickets. He is the greatest all rounder.
Clone Scandal Rocks Tournament
Wasim Akram asked to leave tournament

Pakistan captain Wasim Akram turned out to be his clone brother Wasim Chakram.

The Captain was asked to leave his team last minute when tests showed that Wasim Akram was his identical clone Wasim Chakram.
Entertainment Reviews
Film ReviewSpace Titanic

Space Titanic
Space Titanic was released this year in 2012. It is Part VIII of the Titatnic series and stars Leonardo’s son Michaelangelo and Kate Winslet’s sister Barbara Winslet. The Director of this film is Hilla Daruvala. The story is about a space ship that crashes with planet Mars. The hero survives the crash but murders his girlfriend. The title song of the film My Love Will Go On and On has already busted all the music charts in the Universe. Don’t miss it.
  Music ReviewRobocats

Robocats Are No.1
Now the Robocats have really hit the chart lists. Right now they are touring Mars and do you know what? It is very hard to belive they will be in London on 13 and will be in Australia on 16. So get your tickets booked or you’ll be left behind. There are rumours that Clark might be buying his dog a $1,00,000 worth collar. Who knows if it is true or not. If you want more music news keep on buying the Evening News.
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Entertainment Guide
TV Shedule

TV Shedule Earth TV

Me and the Baboon   7 Tame Life news
Cyber Heroes   7.30 Children’s Special
The Day I was Stuck on the Internet   8 African news
8.45 BoreZilla   8.30 Scottish news
10.24 Say You Will Hate Me   9 FIFA 2012
1.40 Truly Madly Deeply      
3.20 Leagues Under the Sea   Planet Sports
5.40 101 Aliens   7 Cyber Foot ball
7.30 Lost in Cyber Space   8 Clone Cricket
9.30 The Day I met You   9 Hound Ball
11.30 Gauze Father   10 Ezhobposimpos Golf Cup
12.45 Broke An Arrow   11 Footleghand Ball
3.00 Face On      
This Week's Top Ten Movies of the Universe

1 Top Gun Part V   6 The Things You Do
2 Space Titanic   7 Banner
3 Frozen   8 101 Girls
4 Moddles   9 2100 Killows
5 Gorilla   10 Sections

They have to do a whole day work to prepare meachines.
Qualification: Make savral buildings
Salary: 10000
Contact: Big engineer Xerxes
Classified Ads
Supersonic Travel Offer
Supersonic Travel Offer
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New Clock   Fantastic
This is a lilly fruit

Lilly Fruit
This fruit only cost Rs40! This is available in agha's only and also very delicious
Slimming toothpaste box with pencil free

Slimming Toothpaste
also available in other favour Makhani Store only Rs 25
Have a Drink! Have a ...

Have a Drink!
Hover Car
Rose Bud
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Comics Comics
Comics Comics
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